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Uniting plant collectors

Plant collecting, also known as 'plant hunting', is already occuring for centuries with earliest reports dating from 1495 BC. Today it is practised as a hobby by thousands of people worldwide, often as living specimens in 'personal botanical gardens'.
Yet there are only few plant trading platforms where plant collectors can exchange their plants. We are often forced to try our luck on auction sites which are not designed for this purpose, chaotic 'forumswaps', desperate blogs or a very occasional meeting with other enthousiasts.

Floraswapper wants to put an end to this pointless hassle and become the crossroads where plantcollectors from all over the world unite and form a big community where not only plants will be found but also friendships, knowledge and fun.

Our community is the place to be for anyone from the occasional gardener who wants to try something different than the gardencenter around the corner has to offer, to the die-hard plantcollector who wants to expand his living treasure quick and easy.

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