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The Guerilla Garden

Many gardeners and plant collectors like to get their plants quick and anonymously without the hassle of sharing adresses and evaluating eachother. Since gardencenters and an occasional market is for them often the only option to get plants, we worked on a new feature: the Guerilla Garden.

As the name says, this part of Floraswapper allows you to exchange plants, cuttings and seed by making use of guerilla gardens on public places.
Guerilla gardens are patches of land that are abandonned or neglected by its legal owner, used by guerilla gardeners to raise plants intended to beautify an area or focussed on food crops.

Floraswapper uses existing or new guerilla gardens as exchange spots for cuttings, seeds and plants.

How it works:
  1. Search plants in our interface, look them up on the provided map and head out to the spot where it is planted.

  2. Take cuttings, seeds or the whole plant with you

  3. Plant another specimen from your collection on the same spot in the guerilla garden. This plant must have a little more 'value' than the one you took with you and if this cannot be managed, you leave multiple plant species on this spot.

  4. Browse to Floraswapper, mark the plants you took away as 'swapped' and add the plants you left in return to our database

  5. Enjoy your new plants.