How it works

Offering plants

  1. Check which plants, seeds, cuttings you have available for swapping

  2. Add them online, choose conditions and price in Tokens (virtual currency)

  3. Accept when someone shows interest

  4. Send your items

  5. receive your feedback, the price in Tokens is credited to your 'wallet'

  6. use the Tokens in your wallet to buy plants from other users

'Buying' plants

  1. Browse plants or use our special search and alert functions to find a plant

  2. show your interest by 'bidding' on the plant

  3. wait till the user accepts, the price in Tokens is withdrawn from your wallet

  4. Make sure that the user has an adress to send the plants to and wait

  5. Receive the plant, and fill in the feedback form

  6. Start growing your new plant and enjoy it!